Ad van de Wiel (1959)

Ad van de Wiel (1 August 1959) played for Willem II, RKC Waalwijk and FC Den Bosch, among others, and grew into a cult hero and goal-getter for the Waalwijkers in particular.

Ad, more often called "Adje", started his career with Willem II. This proved his 'tor instinct' because in 26 games in the Eredivisie for the club from Tilburg, Ad managed to find the net of the opponent seven times. This average of 1 in almost 3 earned him a transfer to RKC.

Eredivisie with RKC

RKC joined professional football through the First Division in the 1984/85 season. Van de Wiel would later play an important role in going to the Eredivisie. Under the leadership of chairman Harder, board member technical affairs Kipping and trainer Leen Looyen, in addition to a number of players from the amateur ranks (a.o. Leon Hutten and Janus van Gelder) also a number of transfer-free players (a.o. Anton Joore, Leo van Veen, Adrie Bogers, John Lammers, Peter Bosz and thus also Ad van de Wiel) to Waalwijk.

The only purchase was Marcel Brands who came from FC Den Bosch. The first match in professional football was played at home against his old club Willem II with the help of a goal by cult hero Adje van de Wiel. In the debut year, RKC already turned right with the top and became 5th, with which the follow-up competition was achieved.

The next two seasons, RKC became 3rd and 4th, also resulting in the follow-up competition. In 1988, RKC with players such as Ad van de Wiel, Peter Bosz and Marcel Brands became convincing champion and promoted to the premier league.

No banker at Real Madrid

For many RKCs, the championship of the 1984/1985 season remains the highlight of the 1980s. RKC had a team that many Eredivisionists were jealous of, but still played in the Eerste Divisie. With two fingers in the nose, the yellow-blue champion. Thanks in part to the prolific striker Ad van de Wiel, who was even able to count on interest from Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid due to his good play and accuracy. "But I preferred to be a base player at R.K.C., rather than a banker at Real Madrid," said the goal-getter later in an interview.

FC Den Bosch

After RKC Adje van de Wiel left for FC Den Bosch. Here he played in 15 games in which he managed to score five times. After a season in Den Bosch, Van de Wiel tried his luck in Volendam. After eight games and two goals, he thought it was enough and decided to quit. Ad entered the trainer profession and that is how we come across his name among the ladies of SV Hilvaria.

(Photo: ANP – Cor Mulder)

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