Adrie Steenbergen (1947)

Adrie Steenbergen (October 17, 1947) was a promising left winger. Unfortunately, a growth around his ribs ended his career. Steenbergen is still attached to the club, as a board member he manages the portfolio of technical matters.

Adrie Steenbergen has been involved with "Kowet" all his life. Born in the Hof van Colmschate. 150 meters from the main field as the crow flies, he was allowed to play football in the youth academy of Go Ahead, the club from Deventer. Steenbergen also played with Only Joint Exercise Performs Further (AGOVV) from Apeldoorn.

In 1967 the juniors (paid youth) of Go Ahead reached the final for the Dutch title. Partly due to a goal from Steenbergen in the surprisingly 2-0 win against Feyenoord, the start was good. 10,000 spectators were present at this match! In De Kuip, however, was lost 3-1 (11,000 spectators). The decision game in Deventer was sold out, 11,500 spectators. Feyenoord won the title by a 4-0 victory.

At the time, the team consisted of players with (partly) familiar names: Herman Tieselink, Oekie Hoekema, Jan van Eijck, Johan Derksen, André van der Ley, Gerrie Veerman, Dick Schneider and Cor Kiewik.In the current season, Steenbergen had scored the hundredth goal in this successful season.

The talented left winger Adrie made it to eight official international matches in the Dutch youth team up to and including 18 years. He also won three official international matches in the Dutch Military team. After a benign growth around his ribs brought an untimely end to his football career, club love brought him back to his beloved Eagle Hall in the mid-1970s.

Since then, the Twello resident has held the positions of chief scout and board member, before becoming team manager 26 years ago under then head coach Fritz Korbach. At that time, he was the longest-serving team manager in Dutch professional football. In that capacity he saw seventeen trainers and hundreds of players come and go. And there was always that one constant factor: Adrie Steenbergen. Not even a heart attack could stop him.

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