Alex 'Lex' Shoemaker (1947)

Alex 'Lex' Shoemaker (23 August 1947) was nicknamed (for good reason) 'sexy-Lexie'. Thanks to Viola Holt. He was associated with ADO, FC Den Haag and ADO Den Haag for almost his entire life.

Lex was a striker at Feyenoord from 1965 to 1982 and often left winger at ADO. His first club was the amateur club VDS (Friendship Through Struggle) from The Hague. He started his (semi-) professional career with ADO in 1965 and played with ADO in 1967 (against San Francisco Golden Gate Gales) in the United States. This was a kind of satellite club that came into action in the United Soccer Association.

He made his debut in the 1st team at ADO at the age of 18 in the 1965-1966 season. This under the guidance of trainer Ernst Happel during the intertoto match IFK Gotenborg-ADO. In his first league match against DOS he managed to score a knock. And together with, for example, Aad Mansveld, he took the KNVB Cup with ADO Den Haag in 1968 by beating Ajax 2-1 in the final. Schoenmaker was the maker of the 1-0 that day.

He left for Feyenoord in the 1971/72 season. He stayed there for four years. Schoenmaker scored nineteen goals for the Rotterdam club in a European context. A record that still stands today. In 1974 Schoenmaker was the European top scorer with ten goals. of course he was not missing in 1974, when Schoenmaker won the UEFA Cup against Tottenham in De Kuip. After his Rotterdam adventure, he ended his career by returning to The Hague, now FC Den Haag, and played in the Zuiderpark until 1982 or at least was on the payroll of the club from The Hague.

In the 1975/76 season he was European top scorer with six goals, together with Aad Mansveld. In his second period in The Hague, he was loaned a few terms to the American football club Fort Lauderdale Strikers and the Canadian Edmonton Drillers. In his active football career he has scored a total of 144 premier league goals and 25 European goals.

In 1982 he switched from player to trainer at FC Den Haag. This was the start of his coaching career. He was Rob Baan's assistant here until 1987. He then had several more jobs at different clubs, all of these jobs were assistant coaches.

In 2000 Schoenmaker returned to ADO Den Haag, where he formed a trainers duo with Rinus Israël. Later Israel left and Schoenmaker, together with Raymond Atteveld and Marco Gentile, kept ADO Den Haag in 2003/04 for the Eredivisie. In 2004 Schoenmaker handed over the proverbial baton to Frans Adelaar, who came to work alongside him. When Adelaar was fired in November 2006, Schoenmaker had to act as an ad-interim trainer again. In 2007 shoemaker was succeeded again by Wiljan Vloet.

Lex Schoenmaker was appointed technical advisor at ADO Den Haag. Lex also has its own website: This one is now 'off the air', but we hope it will be short-lived.

(Photo: ANP – Foundation)

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