Dean Gorré (1970)

Dean Roberto Gorré (September 10, 1970) was a Suriname-born midfielder who came out best as a shadow striker. Became national champion twice in his career and won the cup twice.

Gorré played in his debut game as a right half / attacking midfielder for SVV. After that he played at Dordrecht'90, Feyenoord, FC Groningen, Ajax, Huddersfield Town and Barnsley.

After a strong season at Dordrecht'90 in the 1992 / '93 season, he left for Feyenoord. In the first season he played the most competitions. After a few injuries and places on the bench, he left after three seasons and signed with FC Groningen. Check the website FCG Stats for all the statistics from the period of this attacking midfielder in his time at FC Groningen.

In the 1996 / '97 season he played his best season, scoring eleven times that year. Ajax also saw him play regularly and decided to take him over from FC Groningen. There Dean Gorré played for three seasons before leaving for England for an adventure at Huddersfield Town in the 2nd English division. In 2003 he ended his career at Barnsley.

(Photo: ANP – Herman Pieterse)

Here Dean Gorré celebrates after winning the championship with Feyenoord.

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