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We are we; the editors and why do we do what we do?
This is a website that revives unforgettable football players and nostalgic football moments. With stories, anecdotes, nicknames, photos and videos. The site is updated almost daily with historical players.

The footballers. They were active on the football mats in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. But also in Deventer and Oss. In world cities Paris, London, Barcelona and Milan. But also in Osnabrück, Mouscron, Bilbao and Katowice. In a wide variety of nationalities, (football) cultures and levels.

The footballers. Some came and went like snow in the sun. ommigen were considered great talents, but never really managed to break through. Others were cult heroes whose names remain chanted in the stadium of their old club for days on end. Or mediocre football players who enter the history books forever with one unforgettable moment. And then you have the category of 'beautiful' footballers, ie the artists and ball wizards who got the audience on the bench with their tricks, some more effectively than others.

The footballers. Sometimes you come across a name or face somewhere and then you say to your friend or colleague: "hey, do you remember him? I had completely forgotten it". It brings back the beautiful moments from our childhood or later. They refer to beautiful or less beautiful times. Times of sporting success or perhaps decline. Moments that have secretly escaped from our collective memory.

The number of football players on this site is currently only a fraction of all those unforgettable football players that our globe has ever known. Great soccer players, but especially less great soccer players who once stood on our retina, but have gradually fallen into oblivion.

Let's honor them, the unforgettable footballers and nostalgic football moments!

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    Various websites were used as source material, including Wikipedia. Of course we make our "own" story and we are averse to cutting and pasting. There are enough sites already. '

  • The passport photos have been downloaded as much as possible royalty-free from internet sites, if certain photos have been published where this is not the case, owners can contact the editorial team. Many photos come from the ANP archive. Under each story we place the name and, if mentioned, also the photographer. '

  • The editors are committed to publishing the correct information about the footballers. The sources have therefore been carefully selected. If certain information is outdated or incorrect, please contact the editors.

  • We are not difficult if you want to copy texts from our website. When it comes to larger pieces of text, we would think it would be neat if you just mention our name. '


The Men Behind Do You Know This Nog, About Us – Editors: 

Stoin (poest)
Martijn (1976), or Stoinpoest, was once destined to become a great football player. He was especially famous because he took almost all the balls outside the left. In very few cases, this resulted in world goals that are still talked about, whether they were scored in 1982, 1996 or 2004 and that former specialists such as Michel Platini and Ronald Koeman would be jealous of. Unfortunately, the scouts were not convinced enough of his 'left side', so Stoinpoest remained loyal to amateur football.
Twitter: @stoinpoest

Boa Morten
Maarten (1979), aka Boa Morten, was a quick and skilful winger in the 1990s and 2000s who was a top scorer in provoking penalties. Find the defender, make contact, wait for that outstretched leg and fall. It sometimes caused some annoyance to the opponent, but especially points and championships. The problem was that there was also insufficient scouting in this area, so that the Netherlands never saw Boa Morten play football at the highest level.
Twitter: @vanwieringen

Jurrien (1988), or Jurrienjo, has the bad luck that he was just not born on June 25, 1988. He therefore missed the legendary final of the European Championship between the Netherlands and Russia, which was won 2-0 by the Orange in the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Trauma may be a big word, but it got in the way of the young goalkeeper's career and may have taken him further than where he is today. Despite this lack, he still has not put professional football out of his mind, he hopes that the scouts will discover it!
Twitter: @jurrien_koop

From the amiable football fan Jasper (1990), or Jasperlaïnen, it soon became clear that his football talents were mainly outside the lines. That realization came in his youngest youth, when he was unceremoniously put on target. Contradicting was no use. Goalkeeper against will and thanks.  Nothing more, nothing less. He became really popular when he once saved his team from the double figures and went off the field on the shoulders. Youth leader had promised that Jasper and his mates would get chips if the opponent scored less than ten times. It only stayed 0-9.

His farewell was similar to that of Zinedine Zidane.  After the fast right winger of the unsurpassed Hoogezand Jasper was once again too fast, he decided it was enough. Jasper retaliated by planting his legs like scissors between those of his lightning-fast opponent. Result: game halted, Jasper was red and the game ended in battle. After his football career, this PSV supporter became three times tennis club champion with the all-powerful TIOL (Tennis Is Onze Lust).
Twitter: @jaspertheodorie

Hall of Fame

Tall one
Bart (1985), aka Boomlange, is notorious in the amateur guild for his speed and purpose. In addition, the attacker with his powerful posture scares many opponents to such an extent that the match has already been decided in advance. Boomlange's problem was that the scouts of professional clubs showed insufficient suitability on this point as well. As a result, the striker is now finishing in a lower amateur football team. Boomlange declined after more than 200 stories in July 2014 for the honor. The Netherlands had finished third at the World Cup. A good time to stop Do you know this Nog.

Harry (1962), aka O'Annen, is a fan of Irish folk and German football. Once a technically gifted man-picker on the Drenthe and Groningen fields who, with both left and right, put the ball on the tie over forty meters with deadly precision. Thought he would be scouted by WKE in his best days, but the Oosting brothers were interested in his 15-year-old Toyota Corolla that he had put up for sale. Never made the most of his career through other joys in life. Is an experienced hand in this company, but by far the youngest in spirit.
Twitter: @HarryAnnen

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