Carlo de Leeuw and his goal in the 1980 cup final

Carlo de Leeuw. "And then maybe your finest moment in your career, that goal ..." In Feyenoord TV, Carlo de Leeuw is quietly enjoying it many years later. A hit that "suddenly" falls in the 71st minute.

'I was there' – FC Groningen – Vitesse (4-3) October 1, 2006

Men are sometimes accused of often forgetting things. A wedding day, details of a conversation or a birthday. However: we asked our followers about the most legendary match they have ever attended live. We received a flood of responses. We asked a number of followers to put this on paper. This has resulted in beautiful stories that we share in the new section "I was there". 

Cooperation between DVHN and KUDN

Cooperation between DVHN and KUDN. From this week we will contribute weekly to the sports edition of the Dagblad van het Noorden on Monday. We are honored with this assignment and will complete it as we see fit; safeguarding the football history with a link to the present. And in this case with the focus

RTV Noord – Our colorist

Our colorist Jurrien could be seen and heard on rtvnoord! This to speak about his specialty: coloring photos.
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