Colorful football past

On this page you will find the colorful football past of the Netherlands in the form of colored black and white photos from the National Archives. There is a nice story behind some (colored) photos and we write this story down. You can also find these stories on this page. Would you like to have a black and white photo colored? That is of course possible. Please contact us via or social media. Of course it is also possible to order one or more of the photos below. In digital file or on canvas, mouse pad, mugs or whatever you want. Please also contact us for this.

In conversation with the Dagblad van het Noorden and RTV Noord we tell more about the background of coloring.

The story behind the photo 

Colored photos

Below is a selection of photos that we have colored. Would you also like to order one or more photos, on canvas, mouse pad, mugs or something else? Which can! Let us know in an email or via social media and we will arrange it.

Competition moment from the game between DWS Amsterdam – MVV Maastricht. At the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, the home team won 1-0 (1964).



Volendammer Johan Pelk in a duel with Eddy Pieters Graafland. Hans Kraaij sr is watching on the right. Feyenoord would win 0-3 (1963).



Johan Plageman of DOS seems to be off with the ball. However, Feijenoorder Harry Bild tries to track him down (1967).

Game moment from the match between Feyenoord and DOS 1967


Johan Cruijff in duel with a player of HSV. Because in preparation for the 1974 World Cup, the Orange played an exhibition game against the club from Hamburg (1974).



Martin Koeman and Bennie Muller watch tense. Because an Ajax player and a Blauw Witter are fighting a duel and the outcome is still uncertain (1962).



Ove Kindvall walking for Feijenoord in the city derby against Sparta. Because Kindvall scores both hits, it is 2-1 In de Kuip for Rotterdam-South (1969).

Game moment from the Rotterdam derby between Feijenoord and Sparta 1969


Game time from the Tukkerse derby between Enschede Boys and Heracles (1950). Because don't you think this is a beautiful record !?

Game moment from the Tukkerse-regional derby-between-Enschede-Boys-and-Heracles-1950


Faas Wilkes maintains the overview and prepares for a cross. Because in this picture, the dribble genius of Valencia plays a match in the Kuip against a combined team of Rotterdam footballers (1953).



Johan Cruijff sends a pass on behalf of Ajax in the away match at PEC Zwolle. The public in Zwolle then watches tense (1968).


Rinus Michels has scored! Cheering, the attacker from Ajax runs away, while a teammate goes after it. Michels took care of the 1-0 in the match for the AROL cup. Ajax would eventually win the match 3-1 (1949).

Rinus-Michels runs away-cheering-after-he-scored-for-Ajax-against-HBS-1949


Goalkeeper Tonny van Leeuwen after the match against Ajax in De Meer. The people from Groningen miserably lost 5-1 in Amsterdam (1965).


Hans Kraay van Feyenoord duels with attacker Herman Morsink of Heracles. Of course there is also a beautiful story behind this photo. Read the story here!


Athletic as he is, Humphrey Mijnals demonstrates his class on behalf of Elinkwijk in the match against Heerenveen (1962). He shows this when he slips Hans Kraaij senior for a long time.


Bennie Hofs of Vitesse puts a tackle on Gerrie Mühren, player of Ajax (1970). Because, speaking of a Colorful football past …



During a match between former Ajax and former Feyenoord, Coen Moulijn catches up with Sjaak Swart. As you can see, Coen participated in the game. Sjaak was in fact a spectator and had dressed himself appropriately for the occasion (1973).


Colorful football past. Pedro Matrona screams with laughter. Because the right back and captain of the national team of Curaçao is visiting Volendam. Apparently when the local clothing style is attracted to him, Matrona thinks this is all too beautiful (1958).


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