Cooperation between DVHN and KUDN

Cooperation between DVHN and KUDN. From this week we will contribute weekly to the sports edition of the Dagblad van het Noorden on Monday. We are honored with this assignment and will complete it as we see fit; safeguarding the football history with a link to the present. And in this case with the focus on amateur football. Hereby the kick-off!

Last week it should have been a grand and compelling party in Finsterwolde. The local football association BNC existed exactly eighty years last Tuesday, but corona threw a spanner in the works and so it was quiet in "Finnerwol".

Photo Club archive BNC

BNC was founded on September 1, 1940 as a result of a merger between the clubs Bravery and Nova Zembla. Place of action: Café Elzinga on Hoofdweg, which is now known as Café van der Paard. In its eighty years of existence, the amateur club has fluctuated between the second and fifth class. The blue formation has two former professional football players in the Hall of Fame: Piet Hamberg and Herman Dieterman.

This jubilee year, BNC delivered a historic performance. For the first time in years, the club was heading for a championship in the fifth division, but then disaster struck: the competition was abruptly cut short due to corona. Chairman Freddie Nap still can't reach it: “We were undefeated as the only club in Dutch amateur football. Our departing trainer Gerrie Drenth had already finished his champion speech, the flat cart had already been purchased from the local singing club and Corry Konings was about to be called for a performance. It still feels very sour. ”

Despite the setbacks, BNC is ready for the future. The club was still promoted from the KNVB to the fourth division and the accommodation was refreshed in the corona time. In addition, the club with former professional football player Henry Meijerman attracted a refined trainer for the coming season. The former midfielder of Emmen, FC Twente, Veendam and PEC Zwolle must ensure that the club can grow to a stable mid-engine in the fourth division.

And those parties? "They will come," says Nap. “If the weather is possible, we will make it a great weekend for the whole club. We are already looking forward to the moment that Corry Konings will perform her hit "Beautiful was that time". And then on to a bright future for the Bravery Novazembla Combination! ”

Cooperation DVHN – KUDN.

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