Cooperation DVHN – Tot. Salvation. Our. Laughing muscles.

Until. Salvation. Our. Laughing muscles. At the beginning of September, the cup cracker TEO – GEO was on the program. A nice poster! Garmerwolde En Omreken beat Ten Post and everything that goes with it: 0-5. It would have been nice if the KNVB had also added LEO from Loon and WEO from Woldendorp to this cup pool. The fact is that abbreviations for amateur clubs have become commonplace. In the past, many evenings in Groningen and Drenthe were filled with discussions about club names. This yielded some original results.

On a summer evening in 1948, a number of football fans from Nieuwe Pekela came together to found an association. Tempers over the new club name were running high. After a first proposal called Always Ready was rejected, the founders opted in the second instance for DAMACOTA. This name came about through the initials of four then Lutheran youth associations: David, Maria, Concordia and Tabitha.

In Sauwerd they decided in 1970 that local pride should mainly win by choosing Success Is Our Striving. Nice for a club that will not quickly reach the league level or higher. A little further on, it is a pity that VIBOA is no longer on a weekly poster. Football is undoubtedly still pleasant in Winsum, but that has not been apparent from the club name since 2016. Soccer Is Bij Ons Aangenaam has merged with VV Hunsingo into a much more boring 'VV Winsum'.

In Vries they can do some of it. The yellow-red-black club was once named Freezer Activity Features Us – VAKO. And perhaps even better is that one Roel and Ubel have founded an indoor football club in the same village that goes through football life as REUZ – Roel and Ubel indoor football. Why make it difficult …?

GOMOS – Good Practice Makes Us Strong, VIOS – Progress Is Our Pursuit and HODO – Hollandscheveld Overcomes Through Practice are of course also linguistic gems. Our favorite has to be SV THOS – To Heil Onzer Spieren. One Hans Hateboer probably understood this best. At the football club from Beerta he even developed his muscles in such a way that he got Orange with it!

Until. Salvation. Our. Laughing muscles.

Until. Salvation. Our. Laughing muscles.

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