Danny Blind (1961)

Dirk Franciscus (Danny) Blind (August 1, 1961) was a central defender who only played in the Netherlands and played there for Sparta Rotterdam and Ajax.

Blind made his debut in professional football at Sparta on August 29, 1979, where he was under contract for seven seasons. He was often drafted as an emerging right back at Sparta. With Sparta Rotterdam, Blind played European football in the 1983/84 and 1985/86 seasons. In total he came to a total of 188 official matches in which he was accurate 18 times. In his Sparta time, Blind played with Louis van Gaal, his later trainer at Ajax.

In July 1986 Blind came to Ajax, attracted by technical director Johan Cruijff. From 1992 he played as a central defender. In Amsterdam he built up a roll of honor that is unique in international football. Blind won everything that could be won at club level. With Ajax, Blind won five league titles, four national cups, the Champions League, the European Cup II, the UEFA cup and the World Cup.

Blind played 537 games in the premier league and made 45 hits. He played for Sparta 10 European Cup games and for Ajax 79 (including four European Super Cup games and one World Cup game in which he pegged the winning ping), which is a record. In total, Blind played 42 times for the Dutch national team. He scored once in those international matches. On May 16, 1999, Blind said goodbye as a player of Ajax and therefore also of professional football. However, this only as a player ..

Danny Blind decided to enter the trainer's profession. Again the same clubs as he served as a player: Sparta (Technical Director), Ajax and on July 6, 2012 it was announced that Danny Blind would become assistant to Louis van Gaal with the Dutch national team. At the end of March 2017, Blind was removed from his position as national coach after disappointing results.

(Photo: ANP Foundation)

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