Elper Boys celebrated the third half milking cows on the farmland

A very sweet victory over competitor VKW from Westerbork and a miraculous promotion to the fourth division in the late 1950s. More than half a century later, the highlights of the Elper Boys have still not been forgotten. Today in 1948 the club was founded.

Elp is a lovely farming village near Westerbork and is nowadays regarded as a haven for tranquility and commuters. How many of them would know that the local pride once played its home games opposite the Western Camps?

In its heyday, the Elper Boys were promoted to the fourth division of the KNVB, after the VV of the same name was beaten 0-2 at the Brink in Annen. The whole of Elp ran out to encourage her boys in this historic match.

These were different times in football. The Elper Boys changed behind café Ten Berge, the current Koekoekshof. After the match, the Elpers quickly went home to milk the cows. The success formation consisted mainly of farmers' sons, there was simply no room for a third half.

For each other by the fire

The memories of the Elper Boys are numerous, the number of players who actually wore the black and white jersey is decreasing. Only a handful of players of the championship team are still alive, including former center front Roelof Boer (86). The dairy farmer, born and raised in Elp, still regularly talks to his remaining mates about the memories.

According to Boer, the strength was the solidarity of the team: ,, We really went through fire for each other. And the promotion? That was a world achievement for such a small club. ”

A dead horse could not be pulled

Elper Boys lasted three years in the fourth division, then the club relegated to the Drenthe Football Association again. In the meantime, the football candle in Elp was slowly extinguishing. The boys who could not become farmers left the village. Membership plummeted.

It was no longer possible to pull a dead horse. On June 30, 1968, the plug was pulled from Elper Boys. What remains are the sweet memories and a beautiful sign on the old football field with the text "Voorm. Sports field'. Where in the past the battle was fought against teams like Witteveen, Raptim and VKW, now unsuspecting sheep graze.

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