Harvey Delano Esajas (1974)

Harvey Delano Esajas (June 13, 1974). Rarely seen a player with such a nice list of clubs to his name and so few games played …

Esajas is uncle of Steve van Dorpel, one of the players who died in the SLM disaster in Suriname. And the man who inspired him to become a professional footballer. Especially in his early years, Esajas was labeled as unmanageable, but he still had enough talent and would break through in the professional circuit.

Despite the little playing time in his career, there is plenty of amusing to say about Esajas. It started for Harvey at the youth academies of Ajax and RSC Anderlecht, but he ended up at Feyenoord. In preparation for the 1993/1994 season, Feyenoord played a friendly game against the Helders Elftal. During this game, Esajas hit an amateur player with a broken jaw. The two players who were suspended on the basis of witness statements were Ulrich van Gobbel and Henk Fräser, but they had not both.

The real culprit Esajas was therefore not punished, but with this 'Helderse affair' made the national media. However, there was no evidence because the amateur recording, which was indeed there, had mysteriously disappeared. The story goes that Feyenoord bought the images for the amount of 1000 guilders and wanted to cover up the case.

Harvey Delano Esajas

In the 1993/1994 season, Esajas made his debut in the classic against Ajax, and immediately scored a goal. On a pass from John van Loen, he left the ball behind the hopeless Edwin van der Sar. (See the images below). Despite this flashy start, Esajas only played eight matches (one goal) for the Rotterdammers and he did not break through. A time without professional football started. Until 1996, when Esajas finally found a new club and left for FC Groningen.

In the ten games that Harvey Esajas played in Groningen, he scored 0 times and received a total of 0 yellow, 0 yellow-red and 0 red cards. His biggest victory was the 0-3 in the away match against Emmen on November 27, 1996. His biggest loss was the 3-1 in the away match against Feyenoord on 10-10-1996. The average win percentage in his matches was 30.00%. Thanks to FCGStats.

Also at the 'pride of the North' it became a short football wedding and he did this thinly at Cambuur, where Esajas was under contract but did not even get to play. After his seven games that he played at Dordrecht'90 in the 1998/1999 season, he disappeared again. Esajas went to Spain where he played in the Segunda Division B for CD Móstoles. In Madrid he went to work in a restaurant and through friend Clarence Seedorf he was able to train with Real Madrid Castilla.

Hereafter, from the year 2000, Harvey played for Zamora CF. He briefly had a disco in Zamora and also had an antique shop. After further internships with AC Fiorentina and Torino FC came to nothing, Esajas decided to end his career.

Waiter, dish washer and circus employee; these are the names, or should we say: swear words (?) for Esajas of that period in the career of Esajas. Especially because he seemed to have said goodbye to football and he actually went to work in the circus. It seemed like the end of the football story, but nothing could be further from the truth.

After two years without professional football, Esajas ended up at a new club thanks to Clarence Seedorf. This time nothing less than the great AC Milan. The now 31-year-old defender was able to sign a one-year contract to his great excitement and everyone's surprise. This after he was used as an experiment. The intention was to make him completely fit again with a special program.

Abandoning for four months by training hard and eating organic food made him fit again. From 125 kilograms, the scale of Esajas went to 90 .. His attitude and hard work were rewarded. With this he earned a year contract! However, it turned out to be a disappointment. Only in the cup match with Palermo did the solid defender show up for six whole minutes, 5 ball contacts. The competition was fierce and his contract was not renewed.

Esajas remained active in Italian football. The left back moved to AC Legnano in 2005, which plays in Serie C. The club, which was chaired by former Milanese Marco Simone, had also brought in former NAC player and brother of Clarence, Chedric Seedorf. Here Harvey played three more games to quit after a game at Calcio Lecco 1912. All in all, he can look back on a colorful career: ten clubs, 59 games and his only goal, but it is beautiful that one in the classic against Ajax! And … his only game, but great for THE 'Rossoneri'!

Harvey Delano Esajas got the challenge as coach of the 1st team of SC Buitenveldert. He was also active for the Johan Cruyff Foundation and he had a foundation that helps problem youth.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

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