'I was there' – FC Groningen – Vitesse (4-3) October 1, 2006

Men are sometimes accused of often forgetting things. A wedding day, details of a conversation or a birthday. However: we asked our followers about the most legendary match they have ever attended live. We received a flood of responses. We asked a number of followers to put this on paper. This has resulted in beautiful stories that we share in the new section "I was there". 

FC Groningen – Vitesse (4-3) October 1, 2006 – Peter van der Wal

FC Groningen-Vitesse played on the first day of October 2016 was a sluggish match with a venom in the tail. After being eliminated in Europe midweek, partly due to an unused penalty kick against Partizan Belgrade by Yuri Cornelisse, the home game against the bicycle bags was on the program.

After the downer I gathered the courage to travel from Lelystad to Euroborg. Until the 80th minute, everything indicated that the FC would suffer a rare defeat until then in Euroborg. After the 0-1 in the 2nd minute by Pryor, 1-1 (39.) by Evgeniy Levchenko and 1-2 by Hersi, the latter decided to make it 1-3 in the 79th minute.
Normally this was a lost cause.
How different this turned out to be. Koen van de Laak (at the time quite underestimated) cashed in a penalty kick in the 83rd minute. Where everyone still thought that this would be a connection goal to ease the suffering, one Luís Alberto Suárez stood up in the last minutes of the game. On a pass from Yuri Cornelisse, he put the equalizer in the ropes in the 89th minute and in the injury time he determined that FC Groningen was still going to take the points on Erik Nevland's instructions.

On the gallery round (behind the goal where the FC's last three goals fell) we had to squeeze each other's arms to make sure we had a wonderful dream or whether the victory was a reality.

Cornelisse's tears

Of the lap of honor, the tears that Yuri Cornelisse – also because of the penalty kick of a few days before – stayed with me the most. The life of a FC Groningen supporter is not about roses, but everything fit on this day. Such experiences determine that you are green / white and – above all – remain.


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(Photo – Archives DvhN)

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