In Veendam and Stadskanaal they are eternally grateful to Boy Nijgh!

In Veendam and Stadskanaal they are eternally grateful to Boy Nijgh! Boy Nijgh shot himself in the history books at SC Veendam and later achieved hero status at SC Stadskanaal. Today he would have turned 65.

It was an inticker, but he himself called it the "most beautiful" of his career. The historic goal of Boy Nijgh on June 10, 1985 against Willem II meant for the first time in its existence promotion of SC Veendam to the Eredivisie. The Langeleegte shook to its foundations, Veendam and the surrounding area were drunk with happiness. His decisive hit earned Nijgh eternal fame in the Parkstad.

After his professional career, Nijgh started working with the amateurs of SC Stadskanaal. After that he tirelessly fulfilled many functions at Sports Center Pagedal. He was a (interim) trainer at the first team several times, but his heart was mainly with the youth. He may have preferred to train the F6 than the first team. Nijgh was therefore a champion of a flourishing youth academy and therefore closely involved with the football school of SC Stadskanaal from its foundation in 2009.

Nijgh could not complete his mission. He died in 2013 after a fatal accident in his home at the age of 57. In 2020 his sons Jordi and René are trying to continue the life's work of their father at the Knoalsters. Both returned to the club this year, after years of residency elsewhere. Jordi is now head coach and René is head of training. In the meantime, the talented left leg Boy Nijgh jr. (17) may have a successor. The first team wants to return to the first division within three years, and then of course with players from their own youth. Their father and grandfather would like nothing more.

The football school – which was immediately named Boy Nijgh after his death – is a great success. Meanwhile, the first boys break through who take their first steps in football with "trainer Boy". It has been more than seven years since their beloved club icon passed away, but in Veendam and Stadskanaal they are eternally grateful to Boy Nijgh for his earnings.

Boy Nijgh eternally grateful:

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