Marcos Senna

Marcos Antônio Senna da Silva (17 July 1976) was a Brazilian midfielder who enjoyed his football success in Spain. The spanish neutralised controller grew into an indispensable link of La Roja, which became European Champion in 2008. As a club, Senna spent 11 seasons with Villarreal, where he became captain and became a club icon. What is special about Senna's career is the fact that he only had a structural starting place in professional football from the age of 28.

A late bloomer

"I play football simple and without fuss. I don't like it when players try to solve easy things."" Although the thrust of the pronunciation is intellectual property of Johan Cruyff, Marcos Senna characterizes himself with these words very strikingly. With his overview, extremely pure passing and great pedaling technique, Senna was a stable factor between 2002 and 2013 and the most important link in the engine room of the Yellow Submarine from the west of Spain, where he supposedly had his greatest successes. Senna was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in 1997 he made his professional debut. The then 21-year-old midfielder didn't have to deal with the double scissors and endless dribbles that caused him to fall out of tune. He snuffed out four clubs in his homeland before Senna made the switch to Villarreal CF in 2002.

Senna's early years were unhappy at his new club. Due to repeated knee injuries, a starting place was not included during the first two of his Villa years. As of the 2004/2005 season, Senna grabbed a starting spot and remained injury-free. In sync with senna's fitness, Villarreal's success years began. There was no retroactive effect to deny a causal link.

Tropical years with country and club

With some targeted purchases in the summer of 2004 Villarreal began to flourish. A team where Juan Roman Riquelme played, among others, was strengthened with Diego Forlan. From Manchester United. Football professor Manuel Pellegrini thus built what became a football machine. Riquelme was the playmaker, Senna the cement that kept the team together and Diego Forlan the finisher. With 25 hits he lifted Villarreal to third place in the Primera Division and thus to the Champions League.

AZ rudely disrupted the Spaniards' dream season by halting the club at European level. At the El Madrigal, Villarreal lost 1-2. Partly because of a missed penalty by Riquelme. Visiting the Alkmaarderhout, Villa came up short and AZ remained squeaky and creaky. The big bad luck for Villarreal was the absence of Forlan in both games. The blood-sized Uruguayan was not allowed to play for the Yellow Submarine in Europe because he played a minute with Manchester United in Europe at the start of the season.

Despite the disappointing result in Europe, Villarreal still had a fantastic season to look back on. A marked 3-0 victory over fc Barcelona by coach Frank Rijkaard and superstar Ronaldinho was perhaps the most beautiful win of the year. In the end Villarreal ended up in third place and thus qualified for the final qualifying round of the Champions League.

To reach the group stage, Villarreal had to deal with Everton. By winning 2-1 twice against the English, the main stage was reached and the Spaniards were allowed to take on Manchester United, Lille and Benfica. Villarreal finished first in the pool, with two wins. The remaining four games ended in a draw. Senna played a crucial role in the away game against Benfica by scoring the only goal of the match. In the end, Villarreal were stranded in the semi-finals against Arsenal.

Senna's indispensable status did not go unnoticed in Spain. In 2006 Senna made his national team debut and as a controller in a star-studded team, the European Championship was won in 2008. The World Cup two years later passed the nose of the Brazilian born because of physical problems and with this the role of Senna at international level was also played out. Sergio Busquets took his place and did not give it up. Senna scored 28 games and one goal.

Phasing out in the States

The success years with Villarreal were now over. The club was relegated, but Senna remained loyal to his great love. He helped them return to the Primera Division in 2013 and then retired. The now 37-year-old midfielder moved to the United States, where he played football for the New York Cosmos. in 2015, 38-year-old Senna retired from paid football and became an ambassador for his great love Villarreal.

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