Do You Know This Yet & ExperienceWork

Since September 2018 it is official: we have started working together with ExperienceWerk! 

ExperienceWerk is an organization that organizes work day care for people who cannot be independently active in the labour market but would like to participate. ExperienceWerk organizes these guided workplaces preferably within the infrastructures of regular companies. The organisation is committed to the realization of challenging, socially relevant workplaces where good and appropriate guidance is guaranteed. The participants in the projects get satisfaction from their work because the work they carry out matters and is of added value to the company in which they work.


What will ExperienceWerk do for Kent You This Yet?
For some time now, the people of ExperienceWerk have been active for us. They carry out supporting work in the management of our social media accounts and our website which is getting bigger and more extensive. This work is excellent for the participants who are interested in IT work and have a passion for football.

We are happy and proud that ExperienceWerk and its participants are willing to help us in our mission: to honor unforgettable footballers and nostalgic football moments. It is therefore also intended as a sustainable cooperation because this mission does not stop. Every day there are football heroes of yesteryear, every year players stop and almost daily there are new football events.

"A lot of challenge for our participants"
Director Gerben Mook of ExperienceWerk: ''I am very happy with this fun collaboration which has a lot of challenge for our participants. I'm also a big supporter of Kent you this Nog and that makes it extra fun''.  Participants with a passion for football who help the Foundation to achieve their mission: an added value for Kent this Nog, ExperienceWerk and the now richly filled fan group of the football account.

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