RTV Noord – Our colorist

Our colorist Jurrien (https://instagram.com/inkleurder/) could be seen and heard on rtvnoord! This to speak about his specialty: coloring photos.

Below you will find the interview in which Jurrien explains how he came to coloring. He also explains how it works. Not entirely of course because it is craftsmanship that we naturally want to keep the secret to ourselves ;-). Jurrien indicates that it is "painstaking work and that photos really come to life because they get color".

Colorful football history

On this page you will find the colorful football history of the Netherlands in the form of colored black and white photos from the National Archives. Behind some (colored) photos hides a nice story and we record this story. You can also find these stories on this page. You can also easily see the difference between the colored photo and the original in black and white.

Also a colored photo?

Would you like to have a black and white photo colored? That is of course possible. Please contact us via info@kentudezenog.nl or social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram). Of course it is also possible to order one or more of the photos below. In digital file or on canvas, mouse pad, mugs or whatever you want. Please also contact us for this.

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