Did VV De Monnik score against Steaua Bucharest or not?

Did VV de Monnik van Schiermonnikoog score against Steaua București or not during that memorable practice match in 1983? The messages on the internet contradict each other.

It would have been unthinkable in 2020: The Romanian top club Steaua București visiting VV De Monnik. Yet it happened, on a beautiful summer evening in 1983. The selection arrived by boat at 5:30 PM. Then the Romanians were taken to Hotel van der Werff for a welcome by Monnik chairman J.B. Trumpet.

The players bus was placed rigidly against the entrance of the hotel to prevent Romanian players from escaping. At the time, the country was burdened by the reign of terror of dictator Ceausescu and even professional footballers sometimes happily fled to the West.

Goal Mystery

As club secretary Aldert Stielstra was closely involved in the organization of this special practice match on August 19, 1983. He gives us the redeeming answer about the big goal mystery: "We did score, but the header goal of our top player Jan Boerema was rejected."
The islander was quite disappointed about this. "The linesman – who himself came from the island – thought that the cross had been over the back line. Then you just let that flag down, right? What a stunt that would have been, we would even have taken the lead! "

The Romanians, with top players such as Duckadam, Belodedici and Balint in the ranks, eventually won 0-22. Goalkeeper Tom Vlasma saw the balls buzzing around his ears: "They were so fast and they shot so hard, if I had only caught a ball, I would still have had my hand in a cast," the keeper looks back.

Necktie with Schiermonnikoog coat of arms

The trip ended with a drink in hotel Duinzicht. The foreign guests were given a tie with the coat of arms of the municipality of Schiermonnikoog. Three years later, the Romanians of Steaua Bucharest won the European Cup 1. We know for sure: this European triumphal march started on the Duinpad in Schiermonnikoog in 1983.

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