HargaBal October 20, 2017

Next Friday, HargaBal, 'a homage to Harga' on, you guessed it: Harga Sports Park in Schiedam. Home of the famous SVV, mind you: the national champion of 1949 and the club that tripped AFC Ajax on the threshold of the championship in 1991.

The program includes a competition. A selection of former SVV members will compete against a selection of football writers, the FC Blogbroeders. The blog brothers take a professional approach. For example, the Technical Heart of the Blog Brothers that must lead the writers to victory will consist of men who are tried and tested in football, namely Mr. Marco Boogers, David Endt and Rodney Rijsdijk.

Admission is completely free. There's football, cocks about football, music and beer! What more do we want. Be there! We are there (glowing).

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