Joop Schuman (1934 – 2003)

Joop Schuman (January 6, 1934 – September 13, 2003) can rightly be called a goal scorer. He is still the top scorer in professional football, in one season, all time with 44 goals.

The blond accountant, born in Zwolle, Schuman played successively for PEC Zwolle, Preussen Münster and Heracles Almelo. Schuman thought football was a side issue and hesitated for a long time to have an operation on his knee. He decided to get help anyway. Later he would advise anyone with the same problem to do the same. It had given him a wonderful career.

Joop Schuman played for P.E.C. from 1949 to 1950. where he was already a true goal scorer. It will not be a coincidence that Schuman made his debut at the age of 16. He scored continuously in the following period and the counter only stopped at no less than 114 goals.

His good performances did not go unnoticed and this resulted in a transfer to Germany. 50,000 guilders, a lot of money at the time, asked P.E.C. Schuman decided immediately not to come out for P.E.C. which gave him the desired transfer after all. From 1956 to 1957 he played for Preussen Münster. In 1957 Heracles snatched him for 538 guilders from Preussen.

Joop Schuman played for Heracles from 1957 until the 1960s. He already scored 42 goals in his first season. He continued to score goals in the following seasons. Led by the legendary striker duo Joop Schuman and the South African Steve Mokone, Heracles became champion in the Second Division in 1958 and was given the opportunity to prove itself in the Dutch First Division. Schuman even managed to find the opponent's net six times in one match. In 1960 EBOH became acquainted with the scoring drive of the Zwollenaar in a match that it loses 11-0.

Schuman was a striker pur sang, a finisher. He looked for his chances and tried from all angles and positions to promote crosses to a goal with the head or right / left foot. Heracles' game was geared to that too. The balls went from midfield to the wing tips Isie Greving and Dick Reekers, who served Schuman. Schuman especially preferred balls at "milk can height". He knew what to do with that.

At the start of the 1961-1962 season, Schuman was unsuccessfully approached by Ajax to come to Amsterdam. Heracles asked such a high amount that the Amsterdammers returned home with the proverbial tail between their legs. Joop stayed on and that is why he became the all-time top scorer of professional football by scoring no fewer than 47 goals. Heracles also promoted that season to the highest league in professional football.

Schuman eventually played seven seasons for Heracles in which he started in the 2nd division B and in the 1963-1964 season ended playing in the Eredivisie. Midvoor Joop Schuman played three more seasons after Heracles at his old club P.E.C., in Zwolle .. In the first season he scored three times and the last season 22 times. The second season was not a success due to injuries and he did not score. In total, Schuman has scored 338 goals in professional football.

On September 13, 2003 it was announced that Schuman had died after a long illness in the Sophia Hospital in Zwolle. In the Polman Stadium of Heracles, the eastern stand is named after him.

(Photo: Delpher)

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