Jordi Highestrate (1983)

Jordi Hoogstrate (2 June 1983) was considered one of the greatest Dutch talents at the turn of the century, but had to end his career far too soon due to several serious injuries.

Before joining FC Groningen, He played in youth with VV Annen and LTC Assen. The midfielder made his professional debut on 18 March 2001. On 16 December of the same year he scored his first goal: as a substitute, he scored at home against FC Utrecht. In the 2001/02 season, The Highestrate was voted player of the year by the fc Groningen public.

Fc Groningen could not enjoy his football ingenuity for a very long time. Highestrate went after his buddy Arjen Robben and in 2002 signed for five years with PSV, which took him over three million guilders. In this way he took third place in the ranking of largest Dutch teenage transfers, behind Arjen Robben and Clarence Seedorf. Unfortunately, soon after he joined PSV, it became clear that he could not handle the mental pressure and the high expectation pattern. Due to mental health problems, the 2003/2004 season was lost to him.

In the 2005/2006 season, the smart midfielder left on loan to FC Emmen. There he soon faced adversity. Due to a serious injury in the preparation, he was immediately eliminated for the rest of the season. Also the following season, he was hired by Emmen for another year, Highestrate was again out for months due to an injury.

In 2007, Highlyrate returned to Eindhoven. At PSV, however, he would no longer play matches. In 2008 he returned to his beloved FC Groningen. But again things quickly went wrong again, he tore his anterior cruciate ligament for the third time. He then decided to stop permanently. Highest rate was considered a smart and excellent game distributor with a lot of insight. Many are convinced that he could have made it far without physical and mental problems.

Check out the FCG Stats website for the exact statistics of his time at FC Groningen.


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