Jorge Campos Navarrete (1966)

Jorge Campos Navarrete (October 15, 1966) was literally and figuratively a colorful goalkeeper from Mexico. Campos has 38 goals to his name as goalkeeper.

He is one of the most famous Mexican players of the 1990s. Campos was an eccentric goalkeeper, known for his actions outside the penalty area, his athletic style and his strikingly colored clothing. He was small for a goalkeeper (1.75 meters), but managed to hide this with his speed and skill in the goal.

As a striker, Campos did not without merit. At his clubs he often started as a goalkeeper and was used as a striker when his team was behind. In this way he has scored no less than 38 goals, making him the fourth most scoring goalkeeper ever. Only Rogério Ceni, José Luis Chilavert and René Higuita precede him. Campos was sometimes given his club's number 9, a number that usually has an attacker as the carrier. Strangely enough, he played more often as a striker with number 1 and as goalkeeper with number 9 than the other way around.

Campos started his career in 1989 with Pumas UNAM in Mexico. At the time, Adolfo Rios was the club's first goalkeeper, but as Campos wanted to play in the first team, he asked if he could be used as a striker. The coach agreed and in his first season Campos scored 14 goals and even competed for the top scorer title.

During the season that followed, Campos became the first goalkeeper and in 1990/91 he became the champion of Mexico.In 1997 Campos even scored via a bicycle kick for his club CF Atlante. In 1997 he became champion again, this time with Cruz Azul. Here he was second goalkeeper, behind Óscar Pérez and was usually used as a substitute in the striker.

Jorge Campos was Mexico's first goalkeeper to compete in the 1994 and 1998 World Cups. In total he played 130 international matches for his country. In 1999, his father was kidnapped and Campos returned to Mexico from a tournament. After retiring from football, Campos got a job as an assistant coach to Ricardo Lavolpe, the former Mexican national coach. He was also Mexico's assistant during the 2006 World Cup. Campos currently has a fast food restaurant: Sportortas-Campos.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

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