Mamadou Zongo (1980)

Mamadou Zongo (October 8, 1980) came from Burkina Faso and came to the Netherlands to play for Vitesse, De Graafschap and VVV-Venlo. Was a great talent but unfortunately also very prone to injury.

Right leg Zongo played in his home country for RC Bobo Dioulasso and in Ivory Coast for ASEC Abidjan before playing in the Netherlands for Vitesse, De Graafschap and VVV-Venlo. His time at Vitesse and De Graafschap was dominated by serious injuries.

Especially at 'Vitas' Zongo was under contract for a long time. From 1997 to 2004, the Burkinese wore the yellow black shirt. Partly due to injuries, he did not play all matches. But in 76 games Zongo managed to leave his 'scoring mark' 14 times.

Initially, his development as a player at Vitesse went well, but in recent years the striker has been struggling with some problems. On February 24, 2001 in a duel against FC Twente, an apparently harmless collision leads to a serious knee injury. The rehabilitation takes some time and in the meantime Zongo's replacements at Vitesse performed such that the striker does not get enough playing time to get back into his rhythm.

In 2004 Zongo decided to turn to De Graafschap and thus became a 'super farmer'. He stayed here for two seasons and in only 24 games he managed to find the net of the opponent twice.

At De Graafschap, everything went according to plan initially, but during a post-competition duel with Sparta, disaster strikes again. Zongo gets injured again. This time it concerns the other knee, but even now the consequences are disastrous. Surgery is again necessary and this time also a long rehabilitation follows

The attacker then had problems with his work permit in Venlo, at VVV. As a result, he could not be admired once on the field in Venlo. It may be clear that he did not score a goal here.

After this, he was under contract for another six months with the Greek second division club Ethnikos Pireaus. After playing shortly for U Cluj in Romania, where his contract was terminated after two games due to a knee injury, he played for ASFA Yennega in his native country in 2010.

He participated in the African Cup of Nations with the Burkina Faso national football team in the year 2000. At this tournament they finished last in the group (C), so an early exit was the only thing to do. Zongo played a total of 23 times for his native country (13 goals).

In December 2011 he announced that he would start a football school in Bama in 2012, together with fellow countrymen Rahim Ouédraogo and Ousmane Sanou. This is a complete football boarding school where young football players sleep, eat, receive training and receive training.

Before that, Zongo did an internship at Jong Vitesse as a trainer in training.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

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