Oswald Snip (1971)

Oswald Snip (9 August 1971) has been a fixture in the RTL Star Team for years. Between artists such as Baas B, Yes-R and Dave Roelvink, this ex-professional football player from Haarlem, Den Bosch, TOP and VVV has to raise the level of the team. In the years around the turn of the century Oswald was a striker who made life miserable for many defenders.

Snip is a good friend of Jimmy Floyd "Jerrel" Hasselbaink, with whom he grew up in Zaandam.  They both started their careers at Zaanlandia and DWS. Where Hasselbaink rose via Telstar, two Portuguese clubs and Leeds United to international and top scorer of the Premier League, Snip's breakthrough failed to materialize. He achieved a personal best of 6 goals in a single season in the first division.

Oswald Snip made his debut in professional football at Haarlem in 1995, where he immediately conquered a starting place. With his good first season, he earned a transfer to FC Den Bosch. There he played football for three seasons with diminishing success. He could regularly be found in the pool hall and placed a card with Anthony Lurling, Roberto Verhagen and Pino Canale.

In his last year in Bossche he made a modest contribution to the championship through his crosses over top scorer Harry van der Laan. Snip then played one season at TOP Oss and two seasons at VVV in Venlo. There he celebrated his best season with 6 goals in one season.

Then he moved to the Belgian Rapide Wezemaal, where he witnessed the relegation from the First to Second Provincial Class. Until 2011 he played football among the amateurs in the Netherlands at SV Marken, SC Voorland and ASV De Dijk respectively.

After his football career Oswald Snip worked as a youth and assistant coach of FC Volendam. He is now a sworn football agent and runs BAL Talent Management: “Guidance As Guidance in order to Become A Legend.”

This story was written by one of our guest writers Koen Peeters.

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