Paul Mason (1963)

Paul Mason (September 3, 1963) was a wildly popular right back who played at FC Groningen in the mid-1980s. The Englishman's career started very curiously, but ended in a dream, playing professional football in his native country.

Mason played as a youth player for Everton and later interned with Manchester City and Tranmere Rovers, but came to the conclusion that professional football at the highest level was not for him. He stopped and went to Delfzijl to work in construction there. However, he lost his job. In the city of Groningen at that time he played at amateur association VVK from the Korrewegwijk. FC Groningen celebrity and scout Piet Fransen discovered him and wrote a favorable report about the player.

The sequel is known. Paul Mason played four excellent seasons in the Oosterpark under coaches such as Rob Jacobs and Han Berger and with players such as Joop Gall, Peter Houtman and Jos Roossien. As an undisputed right back, he also scored important goals such as in the European Cup against Galway United and in the decisive play-off match in 1988 against FC Twente. With this victory in the Diekman, the green-white formation secured a place in the European Cup for the 1988/89 season.

After playing 129 league games for the Pride of the North, the little Englishman's dream of one day playing football in the UK came true. He signed with Aberdeen, where he would play together with the Dutch enclave Hans Gillhaus, Theo Snelders, Willem van der Ark and Theo Snelders. These were the heyday for the club that invariably played for the highest places in the Scottish league in these days. After his spell in Scotland, the agile winger played five more years in his home country at Ipswich Town.

View all the statistics of Mason at FC Groningen on the FCG Stats website.

In his home country, Paul Mason now runs a 3-star hotel in Southport, not far from Liverpool.

In producing this webpage, use was made of an interview from 2010 by sports journalist @emielvenema

(Photo: ANP Paul Vreeker)

In the video below of the regional derby FC Groningen – Veendam, played on November 23, 1986, Paul Mason plays with number 2.

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