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Since our founding in 2010, we have built up quite a fan base with Kent u, and we are very proud of that! We have thousands of friends on Facebook and Twitter and our website is visited by more than 10,000 football fans every month. Fantastic to see that our work is appreciated and that we continue to grow!

Describing football history takes a lot of time, but we do not find that a problem: it is our passion! We would like to take the next step by further professionalizing our content and website.

At the moment our daily tweets, Facebook posts and 1500 stories on our website are free to read and as far as we are concerned it will stay that way! Stories should not be behind a paywall and you as a visitor should not have to click away ads all the time. Because we would like to further professionalize our journalism and content, we are looking for donors who are willing to donate € 19.88 once a year. Indeed, referring to the sublime year that Orange became European Champion! To take that next step, we ask our fans for a small contribution to make our content possible for the € 19.88 per year. Of course, a different amount is also allowed. You can also support us for 10 euros.

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