Willy Carbo (1959)

Willy Carbo (1959) was a football player who mainly enters the history books thanks to an almost impossible goal on behalf of FC Twente against Go Ahead Eagles in 1984.

Carbo broke through at FC Utrecht and subsequently played at a number of clubs: Club Brugge, Feyenoord, RKC, NEC and Cambuur. His absolute highlight was his goal on behalf of FC Twente in the match against Go Ahead Eagles. Carbo completely surprised Jan Jongbloed, keeper of the Deventenaren, with a fantastic 'bang bang' that ended up in the intersection.

In 1983 Carbo made a transfer to the Belgian top club Club Brugge. He joined the Bruges team before the end of the season, so that he could play in the final of the Belgian cup against SK Beveren, who lost the team. However, Carbo was unable to settle in Bruges and he was unable to conquer a basic place and got sidetracked after a few months. As a result, he was quickly labeled as a bad buy. In 2004, the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws even voted him the worst purchase of Club Brugge ever. After only eight games, the Belgian team wanted to get rid of the attacker again.

In the winter break of the 1983-1984 season it was Feyenoord that released Carbo. He returned to Dutch fields on a rental basis. Carbo came to play at Feyenoord with Johan Cruijff and Ruud Gullit. With Feyenoord he won both the national championship and the KNVB cup. At the end of the season, however, he had to return to Bruges. However, a departure would not take long.

The attacker, who was chosen in 2004 by the Flemish newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws as the worst purchase of Club Brugge, is known for another nice anecdote. In a match with FC Twente against his former club FC Utrecht, Carbo thought he heard the referee's whistle. He caught the ball, which was just being played his way, with his hands. This to the delight of the Utrecht supporters, because the subsequent penalty was used flawlessly. In the end, Carbo played more than two seasons for the Tukkers.

In the 1985-1986 season, Carbo suffered an injury to his right knee. When it turned out that he could no longer regain his old level, he left in November 1986 on a rental basis to RKC Waalwijk, which played in the First Division.

Carbo had an unhappy season at RKC Waalwijk. In addition to a struggling knee, he also broke his jaw in a match against DS '79. This in a duel with Peter Matena. The following season, RKC Waalkwijk wanted to hire the striker for another year. But FC Twente only wanted to sell Carbo, which brought an end to the collaboration after a season. Reluctantly, Carbo was transferred to N.E.C. He would only play one season here. A return to FC Utrecht seemed to be in the making, but in the end the club chose John Linford over Carbo. Willy therefore signed with Cambuur Leeuwarden.

Cambuur played 40 more games in which he scored 17 times. After this, he got so much trouble with his knee that he ended his professional football career at the age of 30.

Carbo retired in 1991 and later was a youth coach at Cambuur Leeuwarden.

(Photo: ANP Foundation Willy Carbo (right)


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