Jan Bruin (1969)

Jan Bruin (September 30, 1969), who could cheer better ('deer run') than this 'best player of Ameland' ever?

Jan Bruin played in the striker for SC Cambuur Leeuwarden, FC Zwolle, Volendam and Stormvogels Telstar. In 433 games for these clubs, the attack leader managed to hit 164 times. With 88 goals in ten seasons SC Cambuur, Jan Bruin is still the club top scorer of all time in Leeuwaren, above Dirk Roelfsema (63 goals) and Koko Hoekstra, the Frieze Koko.(61 goals).

Bruin made his professional football debut in the 1991/1992 season for SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden. Spits Bruin played for Cambuur until 1995, including two years in the Eredivisie. Bruin continued his career at FC Zwolle, where he played for more than two years. Via FC Volendam he returned to Cambuur, where he was then on the attack for another five years.

After the period at Cambuur, Bruin seemed written off for professional football, but in 2005 he signed with Stormvogels Telstar. At Stormvogels Telstar he showed that he has not forgotten how to score. Bruin would retire after the 2006/2007 season, but in April 2007 Bruin reverted to that intention, partly because he had already been accurate 16 times at that time. He signed on for a year until the summer of 2008 and then stopped playing professional football.

Bruin is seen as the best football player in Ameland. He is known for his openness and the positive way he approached supporters. Fans loved the special run of Bruin, which he performed for years after every goal: with long strides and turning with outstretched arms towards his supporters. He had learned this move from the running trainer. He came up with a name for this himself: the 'deer walk'. This is because a deer was depicted on the Cambuur shirt.

Jan Bruin returned to Cambuur from the 2008/2009 season, as a commercial employee. He is also a youth trainer at Cambuur. He also became head coach of first grader vv Bergum.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

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