When Thomas Helmer shot the 1-0 wide

'When Thomas Helmer shot the 1-0 wide'. Phantom-Tore, or ghost goals, come in many shapes and sizes. We list three German ones.

Phantom-Tore come in many shapes and sizes. On Friday evening, October 18, 2013, there was again a very nice match in the 1899 Hoffenheim – Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga. In the 70th minute, Leverkusen striker Stefan Kießling headed the ball, from a corner, on the goal. The ball goes wide, but still disappears behind the line through a hole in the side net.

While Kießling wraps his hands around his face and visibly regrets the missed opportunity, the impartial on duty, Felix Brych, points to the center spot and gives a goal. The Hoffenheimers seem paralyzed and do not even protest very vehemently. A little later, in a chat with Schieri Brych, Kießling plays the murdered innocence. Leverkusen eventually wins 1-2.

Another memorable moment happens during the match MSV Duisburg – FSV Frankfurt on Sunday, January 17, 2010. Due to an unfortunate kick from the Frankfurt goalkeeper, the ball landed at the feet of Duisburg captain Christian Tiffert. It hits immediately and with great feeling. The ball lands against the bottom of the bar and then jumps back into the field.

The ball has never been behind the line, in fact, the leather touches the ground at least one meter before the goal line. The linesman points with his flag to the center spot. Evil tongues later claim that the German "Wettmafia" played a role. It has never been proven. Frankfurt does not protest, because it is now 0-4 behind if the goal is not scored.

The most famous, infamous and talked about Phantom-Tor ever, however, was 'scored' in the Bayern Munich – FC Nürnberg match on April 23, 1994. Ghost Goal Scorer: Thomas Helmer. In the 26th minute, the Bayern defender fumbled the ball in front of Nürnbergkeeper Andy Köpke's goal. The assistant referee, with a clear view of the ball, immediately raises the flag to indicate a goal. Players, trainers and spectators are baffled.

Bayern wins 2-1 – Helmer also scores the second goal – and Nürnberg protests and demands a Wiederholungsspiel. That will come. "Der Club" loses 0-5 and is relegated to make matters worse. On goal difference …

(Photo: ANP – Toussaint Kluiters)

Tomas Helmer – Saturday April 23, 1994:

Stefan Kießling – Friday 18 October 2013:

Christian Tiffert – Sunday January 17th 2010:

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